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Gilderoy Lockhart

Gilderoy Lockhart
  • Author
  • Professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts (1992-1993)

Gilderoy did achieve good marks and his teachers did think that, with hard work, he might be able to make something of himself. Even if he fell short of his ambitions that he would freely share with anyone who bothered listening (he told them that he would succeed in creating the Philosopher's Stone before leaving school and that he intended to captain Englandís Quidditch team to World Cup glory, before knuckling down to becoming Britainís youngest Minister for Magic). His vanity was such that he valued learning not for education, but because it granted him attention; he craved attention and prizes, and begged the Headmaster to start a school newspaper purely so he could see his own name in print. When these exploits failed to grant him attention, he took to grander, more dramatic means of garnering attention. Though he had never been popular with the other students, he did manage to achieve small notoriety by carving his signature in twenty foot long letters into the Quidditch pitch (earning him a weeks' worth of detentions), creating a spell that shot a hologram of his own face into into the sky in imitation of the Dark Mark, and sending himself eight-hundred Valentines, causing breakfast to be cancelled due to the number of droppings and feathers in the porridge. He increasingly devoted his talents to shortcuts and dodges, focused on attention and neglecting true learning.

Room 46
House Ravenclaw
Patronus Non-corporeal
Gender Male


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